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You can now be chic and stylish with ombre nails

We love the pleasant and friendly treatment with our guests and so we try to make you feel like at home. Visit us and you can have all the comforts and maximum security!

If you've thought that the ombre technique is for your hair only, you were wrong, dear. You can now be chic and stylish with ombre nails for your big night.



A spa pedicure will incorporate a foot massage, aromatherapy, and a soothing foot bath to give you the ultimate relaxation experience. When you just need to get away to relieve the stress, a pedicure can be a relaxing treatment that is easy to fit into your schedule.


Because of our precise technicians, they will spend longer time making your nails perfect or until you are completely satisfied!

Because our salon is routinely cleaned, so you probably hate this if you are a messy person

The price is quite high because of natural and non-toxic products. We know that using cheap polishes can offer an attractive price and have more customers, but we are still "stubborn" to choose high-quality polishes only and give you the very best coat ever!


Nail salon 19440 - Artech Nail Bar near me Hatfield : Come by our salon and let our staff transform your fingertips!

Artech Nail Bar Salon
Add : 1540 Cowpath Rd Suite 156, Hatfield, PA 19440, United States
Phone : (215) 647-2999
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